Ad Kan video of Civil Administration infiltration by PA
Ad Kan video of Civil Administration infiltration by PAChannel 13 news

Just a week ago, all of Israel's political establishment was in an uproar over a debate in the finance committee on a topic that would normally be totally technical and utterly devoid of interest: the reauthorization of eligibility for Clause 46 in Israel's tax laws which grants tax benefits for donations to a long list of NGOs, among them "Ad Kan! Young Israelis for Israel" (an organization the first two words of whose name is an idiom meaning 'enough is enough').

During the discussion, a previously unknown Member of Knesset from the Labor Party accused my organization of "trying to criminalize leftist activists by forging documents" and of "leading a hunting expedition armed with lies and dubbed soundtracks." Her stance led to the non-renewal of the eligibility of donations to "Ad Kan" for tax benefits of Israeli donors' income tax.

What the previously unknown MK said was unadulterated nonsense, and we hereby request that she give up her Knesset immunity long enough to be forced to defend her accusations in court – or, alternately, to apologize and return to her colorless anonymity.

But what is the reason the anti-Zionist Left is so afraid of "Ad Kan"? We have the feeling that they are simply afraid that you as well as others will learn the real truth.

Here are a few examples of that truth, selected out of many:

When we at "Ad Kan" saw how the NGO "Anarchists against the Wall" organizes violent riots against IDF soldiers, we turned to investigators of ours who had become members of that NGO and were able to bring filmed evidence proving participation in and organization of disturbances to the public order, including rock-throwing at soldiers and policemen. As a result, the anarchists were summoned to the courts and their leader (who writes for the Ha'aretz newspaper) was sent to prison.

When the NGO "Breaking the Silence" falsely accused IDF soldiers of committing war crimes during Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza and distributed a booklet filled with trumped up testimonies, we decided to research those "testimonies" and a team of our investigators spent over a year collecting documentation that proved that the accusations were slanderous. We even checked the clips taken by the cameras on IDF fighters' helmets in order to prove that not only were there no war crimes but that the soldiers actually endangered their own lives to take care of the civilian population in Gaza, in the midst of battle and despite clear and present danger to themselves. Armed with this documentation, we filed two suits for slander for the sum of 3.8million NIS against Breaking the Silence. Perhaps this is what is worrying the radical Left.

When hovering overhead is the threat of being brought before the anti-Israel Hague International Criminal Court, blowing open the lies of Breaking the Silence is of great importance for Israel's national security. No less than that.

We realized that there is an organized plan in the works to disinherit the Jewish people and remove our nation from its birthplace. When we saw the extent of the Arab incursions into Area C, the area under Israel's jurisdiction according to the Oslo Accords, and began to investigate the situation, we sent a team disguised as Arabs to Ramallah in order to gather intelligence. They attended meetings with ministers of the Palestinian Authority and left the meetings with the plans of the PA for gaining total control over Area C. They attended meetings to discover the source of the funding – and found that 3 billion dollars had been pledged by the EU for that purpose. High ranking representatives of the EU were photographed admitting that funding because they were sure that their interviewers, our team, were from the foreign media.

Now the people of Israel know the truth. Israel can only work to thwart these designs once it knows that truth.

When riots broke out in the city of Lod during the Guardians of the Wall Gaza Operation, our crew came to the city and began to document what was happening. The thought that the day after it is over the rioting Arabs could simply return to their regular lives as if they had not tried to slaughter Jews is untenable, and we decided to prevent that.

And I would like to take this opportunity to inform the rioters that we are still gathering documentation of the Lod events, and that justice, if the legal arm of the government agrees, is on its way to you. Our legal-research team is gathering legal groundwork that will cause the police to initiate criminal proceedings against the rioters. We are talking not only about justice, or even about deterrence, we are talking about urgency of the first order – if the rioting begins again, God forbid, it is critical that as many rioters as possible are behind bars and not out roaming the streets.

I could be even more expansive and tell about other important investigations in which we engaged over the past year alone: revealing the Palestinian Authority's preventive security detail's intelligence infiltration into the Israeli civil administration so as to thwart the selling of land in Judea and Samaria to Jews, revealing donations in the millions received by the radical Left NGO Betselem, but I imagine you have gotten the idea: "Breaking the Silence," "Gisha" and others have received money from the Arab enemy's charitable foundation in Ramallah that goes by the title NDC.

The anti-Zionist Left is worried by our activities and it has good reason to be. With or without the Clause 46 tax deductibility, we have no intentions of stopping our struggle for the values of Zionism – both for our fighters and for the right of the Jewish people to live sovereign in its own land and not in a bi-national state the left calls the "state of all its citizens".

Aviram Zeevi chairs the NGO Ad Kan, an Israeli non-profit organization which investigates and protests activity they consider detrimental to the image and resilience of the State of Israel.

This article appeared in the Besheva weekly newspaper and was translated from Hebrew by Rochel Sylvetsky, Arutz Sheva Op-Ed and Judaism Editor.