COVID tests in Uman
COVID tests in Uman Flash90

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has directed that harsh measures be taken against hundreds of Israelis suspected of presenting a fake coronavirus test upon returning from Uman after Rosh Hashannah, many of whom were later found to have contracted the coronavirus.

At the prime minister's directive, police will launch a full investigation and pursue criminal charges against violators.

Bennett stated that all people who entered the country fraudulently will be summoned for questioning by the Israel Police. A full criminal proceeding will be opened against the offenders, in which all the relevant charges will be examined, including: fraud, forgery and intentional spread of illness.

Every verified patient who returns to Israel fraudulently and lands at Ben Gurion Airport will be evacuated to his home in a designated vehicle or by ambulance, in order to maintain public health. The patient will be charged for this trip.

Each of the confirmed coronavirus carriers will be required by ten days of quarantine, which will be enforced by the Israel Police. A person who is unable to maintain home isolation and has declared this to the police will be sent to a 'Corona Hotel' for at least ten days of isolation.

In parallel with these measures, the application of a special regulation is being examined, under which patients returning from Uman will have to spend 14 days in a Corona Hotel.

The Prime Minister's Office stated: "The Israeli government takes very seriously the entry of patients into Israel by means of forging documents and the deliberate spreading of disease, which constitute an irresponsible act of harming the public peace, and will continue to act harshly against violators of the law."