At least 46 people died Wednesday and Thursday after the remnants of Hurricane Ida stormed through the northeast US, causing downpours and flooding, USA TODAY reported.

Sixteen deaths were reported in New York, while 23 were reported in New Jersey, five in Pennsylvania, and one each in Maryland and Connecticut.

At a news conference, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said the majority of the 23 deaths were people who became trapped in their vehicles when the floodwaters rose.

"Please keep each and everyone of them and their families in your prayers, and let’s hope that that number doesn’t go up," Murphy said, adding, "Please stay off the roads. We’re not out of this yet."

Ida made landfall on Sunday in Louisiana, and flooding and carbon monoxide poisoning caused at least nine deaths in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist John Feerick told USA TODAY that Ida seems to have run its course.

"As far as the United States goes, it's gone. We were certainly expecting a lot of rain, but look at how quickly it came down, especially in cities like New York. Three, 4 inches in an hour that overwhelmed the infrastructure," he told the site.

According to Feerick, the center of the storm is over 100 miles east of Massachusetts, and moving northeast.