Israeli President Isaac Herzog published a special message to the Jewish communities of the Diaspora ahead of the High Holidays.

“Dear friends, as we approach the new year, 5782, I would like to extend my warmest wishes on behalf of the State of Israel and its people for a Shanah Tovah, Happy New Year, to you and your loved ones," the president said in the video message.

"The cyclical nature of Judaism allows us, the Jewish people, the opportunity to connect to our collective soul and to start anew. Each of us has the privilege to chart our own individual course. And yet, at the same time, we depend on each other, on our community, on our congregation, on the power of each of our tefilot, prayers," Herzog said.

He continued: “On this Rosh Hashanah, and as we are heading into Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, I will be praying for the well-being of my immediate family as well as my extended family: the people of Israel and the Jewish People at large."

"I wish you all, dear brothers and sisters from around the world, a year of health and of coming together. Take care of each other and know that Israel is your home away from home, and we are all looking forward to seeing you in our beloved country, Israel.

"May you all be inscribed in the book of life, and may you all enjoy a happy, healthy, and joyous new year. Shannah tovah umetukah," the President concluded.