US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz

US President Joe Biden will soon meet with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. The meeting, which was postponed following the terrorist attack at Kabul Airport, will begin at 5:25 PM Israel time.

The course of the meeting is expected to include a private meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Bennett, followed by a meeting for the staff of both sides.

Bennett will enter the meeting with a clear agenda to be addressed, with most of the discussion with the US president focusing on the two countries' courses of action against Tehran. The two will also discuss the consequences of yesterday's terrorist attack in Afghanistan.

The postponement of the meeting between the two leaders has obliged the Prime Minister's contingent to remain in Washington for Shabbat. They will depart for Israel only on Saturday night.

An Afghan official told CBS News that the death toll from yesterday's terrorist attack at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul has risen to more than 170, with at least 95 Afghan civilians and 13 American soldiers among the casualties.

Although the Bennett-Biden conference was postponed, the agenda and duration of the conference have not changed.

There will be a one-on-one meeting, statements to the press, and a working meeting between staff from both sides.

In his remarks to President Biden, the Prime Minister is expected to begin with condolences on the attack in Kabul. "Those Americans lost their lives in a mission to save the lives of others. That is the definition of courage and sacrifice," Bennett will tell Biden.

The Prime Minister will also talk about the new spirit he is bringing with him from Jerusalem - a spirit of goodwill, cooperation, unity, and connection between people who think differently but work together for a common goal.

The Prime Minister will talk about the two components of his vision for Israel - doing good and power. "In the Middle East it is not enough to do good," Bennett will say. "If we want to do good we must be strong." He will also thank President Biden for US support for Israel, while at the same time adding that Israel does not seek and will never ask American soldiers to protect it.

About half an hour before the meeting with President Biden, Prime Minister Bennett attended a virtual memorial service in memory of his father, the late Jim Bennett, who passed away six years ago.

President Biden moved the meeting from the Oval Office to the presidential dining room, where he hosted the prime minister for coffee.