Prime Minister Bennett
Prime Minister Bennett Kobi Gideon/GPO

A senior Israeli source spoke to Arutz Sheva and other reporters ahead of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's meeting with US President Joe Biden, saying the Iranian issue would be the focus of the meeting.

"We received a very difficult legacy from the previous government in terms of Iran. After all the statements and rhetoric, Iran is at the most advanced point of its nuclear program. There was a disconnect between the rhetoric and the test of the result," the source said, criticizing former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister's plane will take off tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon for Washington. Bennett will meet with the Secretary of State, the United States Secretary of Defense and the National Security Adviser in addition to the president.

On Thursday Bennett and Biden will meet to discuss four issues, followed by a more in-depth meeting which will be attended by senior administration officials.

The political source said that "the main issue will be Iran and while in the beginning it seemed that a return to the nuclear agreement was inevitable, now following the changes in the area it is not certain that the US is rushing back to the agreement.

"Returning to the agreement would be a mistake because the removal of the sanctions would give them the resources they need to return and act aggressively," the source warned. ''The election of the Iranian president signals the direction and also the pace of enrichment, a dizzying and worrying pace. The regional aggression of the Iranians is everywhere, at sea, in the air and on land."

"There is a challenge here and there is an opportunity here," the political source clarified, saying that the prime minister will present a clear strategy on the matter.

Relations between the two governments are very good, says the political figure, noting that they are warm and intimate. "There is trust and there is a mutual understanding of the challenges and priorities of each side."

Regarding the continuation of normalization with Arab countries, the senior Israeli official said that political activity continues in cooperation with the United States. "The prime minister is working to continue to involve more countries. We are working to normalize relations with other countries."

On the peace process with the Palestinian Authority, Bennett will tell Biden that he opposes "two states" but according to the political source "it is clear to everyone that this is not possible at all. The focus now is on the economy and improving the lives of civilians. Political negotiations with the Palestinians are not on the agenda."