Yochai Damari
Yochai Damari Arutz Sheva

Yochai Damari, head of the Mount Hebron Regional Council, explained on a tour with Arutz Sheva the magnitude of the illegal Palestinian takeover of Area C.

"Judea is no longer so deserted, but there are thousands of houses built by the Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority. None of them, of course, have a building permit," says Damari.

He adds, "This is how the method works: on a mountain that was completely barren, a house is built far away and, 100 meters later, another house. Then electricity is connected. We are losing the country to law-breaking criminals who take the land for themselves unhindered. There is also land theft to which other countries that invest in various projects in Area C, mainly from the European Union, are partner, and every day they continue to build more illegally."

According to Damari, "We see the loss of Israel's bearings as the Fiyad program seeks to create a single continuum between Bedouin villages and the illegal takeover of the Palestinians and until the Hebron area with the aim of interrupting Israeli territorial continuity on the mountains. Carmel, Maon, Avigail, Susya and Yatir are on this continuum. All this Jewish continuum that has been laboriously built for 40 years has been cut off in the last five years."

"The State of Israel was established when the first Moshavim and communities were established throughout the country. The border drawn in 1948 was the border of settlement. Unfortunately, some do not understand that what we see here, this violation of sovereignty, is a sketching out of the Palestinian state that's on the way," he concludes.