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“In Nigeria we are on the verge of genocide”. This is what Bernard-Henry Lévy wrote in his reportage from Nigeria published by Paris Match. A Muslim pastor tells him: “This is our land, whites cannot pass here. Do you want to spy on our women? It is prohibited by the Koran. There are too many [Black} Christians around here, Christians are dogs and children of bitches. They are traitors because they have converted to the religion of the whites, they are friends of the whites, they are unclean. When they all leave, Nigeria will finally be free ”.

Islamic terrorists have just killed Bolanle Ibrahim at the altar while he was saying mass in the village of Maidan, Nigeria. A relative of the cleric told the Daily Post: "Before killing him, they showed him a photo of himself to identify if he was actually the right person they came for."

The International Christian Concern (ICC) learned that in the early hours of August 2nd, seven Christian communities in Kaduna, also in Nigeria, were attacked by Islamic militants. The bodies of 43 people, including women and children, have so far been recovered from villages in the region.

In the same state of Kaduna, groups of Fulani pastors praising jihad have set fire to houses and churches, killing 33 people.

"I lost my uncle, his wife, their children, eight members of my family," said a witness to the attack in Warkan. "The Catholic church in the village of Matyei was burned, a catechist and a child died in the attack," said another witness of the assault in Matyei, where 156 houses were burned and 8 Christians killed.

These are numbers that, according to a new report from Intersociety, are added to the 43,000 Christians killed in twelve years, the 18,000 kidnapped and missing Christians, the 10 million displaced Christians and the 17,500 churches destroyed. The report reads: “The atrocities of the jihadists have targeted Christians and their properties, including homes, centers of worship and learning; massacres, killings, mutilations, torture, kidnappings, hostage-taking, rape, forced marriages, disappearances, extortion, forced conversions ... ".

It is a major Islamic religious cleansing project: "Over 500 Christian communities uprooted since 2009, taken over, renamed and Islamized by jihadists since 2009 ...".

From their lands come videos (only for those with strong stomachs) that recall the genocide in Rwanda. Bodies and bodies of Christians. Their heads cut off with machetes.

Archbishop Matthew Man-oso Ndagoso said Christians are being killed "like chickens" in his country. The dramatic situation of persecuted Christians is little addressed or not at all noted by the so-called "big media" worldwide. It is a genocide that affects even the "professionals of international indignation" little or not at all.

Since 52 Muslims were killed by a white supremacist in New Zealand, heinous crime has rightfully become a world event. But absolute silence surrounds the daily slaughter of thousands of Christians by Muslim militants in Africa, the media preferring rhetorical stunts such as the demolition of statues because they would be instruments of "white supremacy", such as a clock in England and a monument to the Boer war these days, or demonstrations in America for the removal of Confederate statues.

"All the news that’s fit to print", reads the famous slogan of the New York Times, the manual of all the European mainstream media. The massacre of Christians is never among this news. Why?