Gaza Reuters

Hamas is once again warning of an "explosion in the face of the Israeli occupation" if it continues taking tough measures against the Gaza Strip.

Hamas spokesman Abdel Latif Qanou said in this context that "it is not possible for the occupation to circumvent the results of the sword of Al-Quds campaign (a reference to Operation Guardian of the Walls -ed).

According to Qanou, the Palestinian people will not remain silent for long on the non-rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip and the delay in measures to lift the Israeli “siege”.

On Sunday, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major General Ghasan Alyan, announced the reduction of the fishing zone in the Gaza Strip from 12 to 6 nautical miles in response to the firing of incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory.

Alyan stressed that "the Hamas terrorist organization bears responsibility for everything that is done in and out of the Gaza Strip towards the State of Israel, and it will bear the consequences of the violence perpetrated against the citizens of the state."

Prior to Operation Guardian of the Walls, the fishing zone in the Gaza Strip was 15 nautical miles.