Gabi Barabash
Gabi BarabashKobi Gideon / Flash90

Former Health Ministry Director General Professor Gabi Barabash warned Tuesday that Israel will soon reach 3,000 new coronavirus cases daily.

"Soon we'll reach 3,000 cases a day, and it'll be a lot harder to manage, if we can [manage it] at all," Prof. Barabash said in an interview with 103 FM Radio. "We have a real problem of awareness and public willingness."

"The government is trying to murder the public," he added, though he said he is "not surprised that this government as well is having difficulty enforcing more careful measures with this public. We have a real problem of awareness and understanding."

According to Barabash, the UK's gamble in which they removed all restrictions despite high infection rates, may succeed. However, he added, "This variant is very contagious, we'll see a lot of new cases. It'll take another week or two to understand what the morbidity rate is for this variant. But the government has to deal with the question of how much of a calculated risk to take."

"Is it willing for there to be 3,000 new cases each day? It'll be harder to manage that, if we can at all. Would I take that risk? No. But that's an issue of personal preferences."