Marijuana in Israel
Marijuana in IsraelAbir Sultan/Flash 90

Israel Police officers on Sunday destroyed 89 sites suspected of being used to grow marijuana in firing grounds.

Police officers from the Yassam unit, and officers from Be'er Sheva, Dimona, and Ofakim, as well as the police force's airborne unit, worked together with supervisors from the Green Commando Unit to conduct a raid on the fields, which were located in the firing ranges of IDF bases in southern Israel.

The raid concluded the operation, which included mapping and marking the suspicious areas, in which marijuana seemed to be grown illegally

In the raid, thousands of marijuana plants and over 50 kilograms of .dried marijuana ready for use.

In a statement, Israel Police said: "The many forces which worked together to focus on enforcement located the sites, and during their early identification and overcoming obstacles placed in front of the vehicles, uncovered the site and confiscated the equipment for growing and the infrastructure of the 89 sites."

"This is an outlook of continuous operations for management of these dangerous drugs. It's not about confiscating and collecting the plant materials and bringing them to the police stations, while investing many resources to do so - it's about dealing with the root of the crime, on the spot."