Yehuda Glick
Yehuda Glick Flash 90

Former MK Yehuda Glick attacked the police this morning, Sunday, for their treatment of him, after he was suspected of transporting an illegal alien and was detained for questioning at a checkpoint in the Jerusalem area.

"On Shabbat we were in Har Gilo, around 10:15 pm I traveled to Jerusalem. At the gate stood a guy who asked for a ride, we let him in. He said he was Palestinian, I asked if he had permits - he answered yes. When I arrived at the checkpoint I stopped and called a policeman to check him. I was removed forcefully from the vehicle, I was handcuffed and forcibly put in the car. I went in for questioning after 1 am and was released around 2:30," Glick said in an interview with Kan Bet.

He said, "I behaved with exemplary citizenship, the police are lying. I said to the officer - 'Bring me my ID card and I will be happy to join you', this is called rioting? The allegations against me are crazy."

Border Police responded: "During a routine activity of border fighters stationed at the Yael crossing in the Jerusalem envelope, the fighters stopped a vehicle for inspection. Inside the vehicle sat the driver and another passenger in the rear passenger compartment. The investigation revealed that the passenger is an illegal alien without a permit to enter Israel. When the fighters informed the driver that he was being detained he began to riot and refuse to be delayed. The suspected driver was arrested and, together with the illegal detainee, was transferred for questioning by the Border Police, at the end of which the suspected driver was released on bail and the illegal detainee was transferred to Ofer Prison. "

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