site of terror attack
site of terror attackPolice spokesperson

This coming Sunday, a bill will be submitted to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation to deny citizenship and residency to Israeli terrorists who received financial assistance from the Palestinian Authority while in prison.

The the law was proposed by Adv. Morris Hirsch, who served as the Chief Military Prosecutor in Judea and Samaria and serves, among other things, as legal advisor to the Choosing Life Forum.

The bill was promoted by the Choosing Life forum of bereaved families and was submitted by MKs Avi Dichter and Orit Strock, signed by 44 MKs from across the political spectrum, including from the Yesh Atid, Labor, Yamina, and New Hope parties.

Proponents of the law and bereaved families say the law "should also have the support of Ra'am, which has declared that it does not support terrorists but acts only at the civilian level. The law does not harm Arab society as a whole, focusing only on those convicted of terrorism and who receive money from the Palestinian Authority."

The bill would stipulate that in the event that the terrorist was convicted and also received payments from the PA for his terrorist activities - the default response is the revocation of their citizenship or residency.

The Choosing Life forum stated that "we expect and demand from all Knesset members who call themselves Zionists to support this important law. The law is signed by Knesset members from the coalition and the opposition, it has a clear majority in the Knesset, broad support from the people and great importance for national security."