Carmel Mauda in court
Carmel Mauda in courtEsti Dazyobov, TPS

The Lod District Court on Thursday will sentence daycare provider Carmel Mauda, who has been convicted of abuse of children in her care.

Mauda ran the "Baby Love" daycare in the central Israeli city of Rosh Ha'ayin. After one daycare assistant came forward with reports of abuse at the center, police investigators raided Mauda's childcare center, locating closed-circuit cameras containing footage of severe abuse.

Mauda was arrested, and a severe indictment was filed against her. She was later convicted of most of the charges.

According to Israel Hayom, the court is expected to sentence Mauda to many years behind bars.

If the court accepts the request of the prosecution, Mauda may face between 12-16 years in prison. The defense has requested a reduced sentence of no more than two years in prison.

A protest will be held outside the court just prior to the hearing, with parents and some members of the public demanding that Mauda receive the maximum sentence.

Mauda was convicted in December 2020. In April, she apologized to the parents and children, saying: "I am ashamed of every action that I did, I am ashamed of myself. I live it every single day. It's something that I live day and night, it will remain with me my entire life."

She also apologized to the audience in the court, saying: "I request that the honorable judge take me into consideration, what I have been through, not just the deeds that I did. I hope they forgive me. I wish everyone well."

In response, the parents said that they will never forgive her, and that there is no forgiveness for what she did.

"Everything you have said here, you said because you are afraid of punishment," they said.