Colonel Golan Vach, the commander of the Israeli forces which were dispatched to Surfside Miami to assist in the efforts to rescue the people buried in the rubble of the condominium which collapsed last week, spoke to Reuters about the ongoing rescue operation on Wednesday.

"We got a phone call, and when you get a phone call from America you arrive," Col. Vach said, describing the operation as "one of the most difficult and complicated situations that I have ever seen."

The commander said that there was still a "minor" chance that more survivors could be found.

"We built 3D models in Israel" to determine exactly where people would have slept so rescue workers would know where to dig and search.

Yesterday, Col. Vach gave an interview with a CNN reporter in which he corrected the reporter who had stated that "more bodies" had been found.

"We found people. Unfortunately, they are not alive," Vach told the reporter.