FM Lapid with UAE Foreign Minister
FM Lapid with UAE Foreign Minister Shlomi Amsalem/ Foreign Ministry spokesperson

The US State Department released a statement praising the opening of the Israeli embassy in the United Arab Emirates Tuesday.

"The United States welcomes the historic opening of the Israeli Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the visit of Alternate Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, for the ceremony hosted by UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Foreign Minister Lapid’s trip, the first to the UAE by an Israeli Foreign Minister, and the opening of the first Israeli Embassy in a Gulf state are significant for Israel, the UAE, and the broader region. The United States will continue to work with Israel and the UAE as we strengthen all aspects of our partnerships and work to create a more peaceful, secure, and prosperous future for all the peoples of the Middle East," the statement said.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid marked the opening of Israel’s embassy in the United Arab Emirates Tuesday afternoon, in a ceremony in the UAE capital city of Abu Dhabi.

Lapid helped affix a mezuzah in the new embassy building during the ceremony, and offered his thanks to former Prime Minister and long-time political rival, Benjamin Netanyahu.

"This is an historic moment," said Lapid. "And it is a reminder that history is created by people. People who understand history but are willing to change it. People who prefer the future to the past. We are standing here today because we chose. Peace over war. Cooperation over conflict. The good of our children over the bad memories of the past. The right to determine our fate by ourselves."

"Israel wants peace with its neighbors. With all its neighbors. We aren't going anywhere. The Middle East is our home. We're here to stay. We call on all the countries of the region to recognize that. And to come talk to us."

"I want to thank, on behalf of us all, Israel's former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was the architect of the Abraham Accords and who worked tirelessly to bring them about. This moment is his, no less than it is ours,” Lapid continued.