Preparing vaccine
Preparing vaccine Flash 90

Following the increase in coronavirus morbidity among children in recent days, and in light of recent outbreaks in schools in Modi'in, Binyamina and other places, as a result of various variants, a special discussion was held last night in the Ministry of Health by a team of experts and the IDF on the issue of expanding the vaccination drive to include adolescents aged 12-15.

The discussion presented the course of vaccination in adolescents in Israel so far, and also showed that in the United States, 2.5 million boys and girls have been vaccinated so far without any special side effects. This is a continuation of work done in the State of Israel that showed rare and non-serious side effects.

Thus at the present point in time, significant data has been gathered on the vaccination of adolescents aged 12-15, in order to continue to extend the vaccine to adolescents.

Under the direction of the Minister of Health, the Ministry's Director General, Prof. Hezi Levy, held a special discussion with the participation of Coronavirus Tzar Prof. Nachman Ash, experts from the Ministry of Health and Pediatrics, representatives of HMOs and the ministry's management, during which it was decided to adopt the decision of the experts to recommend the expansion of the vaccination drive to adolescents aged 12-15.
In view of the expected increase in travel abroad and in view of the removal of the mask mandates and the abolition of the green passport, and in order to take all steps to maintain the routine of life we ​​were able to achieve in Israel, it is highly recommended that citizens be vaccinated and protected.