Hundreds of members of the Jewish community of Mexico participated in a rare and uplifting Shabbat at the Marriott Hotel in Extep de la Salle near the new 'City of Torah' neighborhood. As Shabbat approached, the heads of the Torat Eliyahu institution gathered to purchase land in the City of Torah, where a Yeshiva will be built on an area of ​​60,000 meters, with the yeshiva's main building in the center. About 40 houses are intended for students, who will dedicate their lives to the Torah and will be able to live in them free of charge.

Several notable rabbis from the United States of America spent the weekend there, including Rabbi Pesach Krohn, Rabbi Shlomo Farhi, and the Gaon Rabbi Chaim Shabbat, with the intent of emphasizing how the intention behind the City of Torah is to enjoy learning the Torah away from the stress of city life.

As part of the historical occasion, Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, Yaakov Shwekey, Moti Steinmetz, Shmuli Unger, and the 'Shira' choir performed together for the first time ever on Saturday night. City architect Roberto Elias presented his concepts for the City of Torah for the first time at a special dinner held for the occasion.

Donors from all communities took on various commitments to finance the establishment of the Yeshiva in the City of Torah Today, Sunday, at 13:00 (local time), the ceremonial cornerstone will be laid. It has been specially designed and decorated with the names of those who donated to the City of Torah. At 16:00 the main event of an unprecedented joint performance of Hassidic music and a choir of 140 children will perform in honor of the new institution.

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