Saeed Alkharumi
Saeed Alkharumi Esti Dezibov/TPS

MK Saeed Alkharumi is threatening the stability of the Bennett-Lapid government, which relies on the votes of his party, Ra'am.

In a statement posted to Facebook, he wrote, "If the government does not provide satisfactory solutions to the problem of unrecognized villages and the Bedouin settlement in the Negev in the near future, this will have consequences in the political arena."

Alkharumi was not present for the vote in the Knesset on the approval of the new government and this statement is being interpreted as his threat not to support it.

"I am making every possible political effort to change the painful reality with this new government and to outline a new roadmap for the government and its agencies to take care of our people in the Negev," he said.

"My brothers in Ra'am are all committed to this issue and we stand together in order to find a solution to the ongoing tragedy of our people," he concluded.