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So we will have another day of rage, for a change, and then a day of anger followed by a day of outrage, a day of violence, a day being miffed, and a day of pique. As if that isn’t enough, we will then have a day of fury, a day of hatred, a day of tantrums, and a day of enmity.

Being endlessly enraged, we will follow all of this with a day of vexation, a day of animosity, a day of being irked, a day of hurt feelings, a day of temper, a day of being unhinged, which could be every day, a day of raving, and a day of delirium.

As if this is not enough and as there are on average thirty or thirty one days a month, we go on to a day of being wild, a day of madness, which actually is also every day, a day of frenzy, a day of hysteria, a day of fuming.

What fun we are all having and it certainly beats trying to earn a living and doing work, G-d forbid. Then we continue with a day of wrath, a day of irritation, a day of wounding, a day of incitement, a day of destruction followed by our latest invention, a day of stabbing.

Whilst G-d rested after six days, we don't, and on the thirty first day, we sit down and plan how we will start all over again and the world, which we clearly understand is stupid, gutless and even on a clear day can’t see further than their noses, will not do a thing because they also hate the Jews more than they fear or dislike us, the poor downtrodden Arabs and Islamists who only want to change the world into our image and destroy it essentially so we can control it and reap its riches for ourselves, not forgetting taking the world back to the Dark Ages and when Mohammed, peace be upon him and absolutely no one else, strode the Arabian Peninsula on a camel. (Yes, this is a run-on sentence, but we had no time out for homework in our daily schedule.)

Let us not forget Allah in all of this and thank him for being such a convenient excuse for our human frailties, foibles, greed and madness. Luckily we don’t believe in the Ten Commandments as they would be such a hindrance and Thou shalt not covet really does get in the way, not to mention Thou shalt not kill.

David Herschis chairman of SAIPAC, The South African Israel Public Affairs Committee, Cape Town.