London (archive)
London (archive) Nati Shohat/FLASH90

May was one of the worst months for Jew hatred in London, UK since records began being kept.

The Community Security Trust (CST), a British organization that handles security for the Jewish community, reported 201 anti-Jewish incidents in London in May.

The number is a historic high, reported BBC News.

Almost all the incidents were related to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Twelve of the incidents constituted assaults while 160 were harassment. Twenty were threats. Seven reports involved vandalism and desecration, the largest recorded number in one month since the CST began recording incidents in the 1980s.

The previous high was 179 in July 2014.

The surge of Jew hatred involved assailants taking “out their feelings about the conflict with racist abuse on British Jews,” David Rich of the CST told BBC News. "This abuse has nothing to do with Israel, it's just racism directed towards Jewish people who are picked out on the streets, on the internet, because they are Jewish.”

In The Guardian, the CST called the targeting of the Jewish community “utterly predictable and completely disgraceful.”

Also recorded by the CST were anti-Semitic chants and signs at pro-Palestinian rallies, social media abuse against Just and threats to Jewish students at schools and universities.

“None of these should be features of life in Britain in 2021, but they are for Jewish people,” a CST spokesperson said in an interview with The Guardian. “Ultimately, the blame lies with the racist perpetrators of these cowardly incidents. But some politicians, the media, social media companies and others have done their part in tolerating or even stoking the hate. It is vital that the police investigate incidents as they arise and bring offenders to justice.”

The spokesperson added, “In a year defined by solidarity against racism worldwide, it is extraordinary how little support there is out there for Britain’s Jews. Racism against Jews just doesn’t seem to count.”