Rabbi Eliyahu leads prayer rally
Rabbi Eliyahu leads prayer rally צילום: יהונתן גוטליב

Hundreds of people gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem Sunday evening for a prayer rally against the formation of a national unity government led by Yamina chief Naftali Bennett.

The mass prayer was organized ahead of the Knesset vote on the proposed government, which is set to be followed by the swearing-in ceremony for the new coalition government.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the chief rabbi of Tzfat (Safed) organized the prayer rally, which was attended by leading rabbis from the Religious Zionist sector including Har HaMor Yeshiva dean Rabbi Zvi Tau; Rabbi Chaim Yeruchaim Smotrich, the dean of the Nir Yeshiva in Kiryat Arba and father of MK Bezalel Smotrich; and Rabbi David Hai HaCohen, dean of the Netivot Yeshiva in Bat Yam.

“The new government includes MKs of the Left and the radical-left,” organizers said, “MKs who who have made the war against Judaism their life’s mission. Some of them have made the war against the settlement of the Land of Israel their mission.”

“We are praying to God not to give them the opportunity to carry out their plans to weaken the Jewishness of the country and the settlement enterprise across the country. And that He should not give them the strength to harm [state] kashrut certification and the conversion system, that He shouldn’t let them harm the sanctity of the traditional family. That He shouldn’t let them abandon the Land of Israel to Arab takeovers.”

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