Mike Evans
Mike Evans Arutz Sheva

With Prime Minister-designate Naftali Bennett set to take the reins of a new government composed of a wide coalition of parties from across the political spectrum, Christian Friends of Zion Museum founder Mike Evans lashed out at Bennett in a letter.

Addressing Bennett, Evans wrote, “What a disgusting disappointment you turned out to be. You and I spoke on behalf of the settlers at APAC at a hotel because APAC wouldn't let them speak. I always thought Begin was your hero. You've disgraced his very name. Shame, shame, shame on you. Don't ever call yourself a defender of Zion. You're not.”

Evans, who has had a longstanding friendship with current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, continued his criticism, stating that he will “fight (Bennett) every step of the way” as he had spent his life building evangelical support for Israel.

“I’ve given my life building evangelical support for the State of Israel, not only with 77 million of my followers but with more than 20 world leaders. I assure you, I will fight you every step of the way,” he said. “You have lost the support of evangelicals 100 percent. I don't know how you can sleep at night. It would have been so easy for you to have gone with a conservative government. We gave you four years of miracles under Donald Trump and this is how you show your appreciation sh*****g on our face. How dare you!”

Evans concluded his letter by restating his disgust for Bennett’s willingness to form a broad coalition.

“To say I'm disgusted with you is an understatement. You should hang your head in shame. You care more about your own damn ego and your bitterness than you do the State of Israel,” he said.