MK Michael Malkieli
MK Michael MalkieliYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Michael Malkieli of Shas spoke on Radio 103FM on Tuesday and commented on the negotiations on the formation of a government and on the feelings within the right-wing camp ahead of the formation of the “government of change”.

"We are people with values, who do not lie, who stand behind our promises to our voters. We are not people who will abandon all their values ​​and all promises for a little respect and prestige," he said.

Malkieli added that mayors across the country are very concerned about the fact that Aryeh Deri will no longer serve as Minister of the Interior.

"They are concerned that he will no longer look after the weaker sectors. And here comes a bully who, without any achievement in his 30 years of politics other than hatred and more hatred, is going to sit on the Finance Committee (a reference to Avigdor Liberman -ed.). But I have no complaints about this man, because the hatred for Bibi has consumed him, he has lost his sanity, but what about Bennett? The man with 6 seats who told us he was on the right. While the people of Israel were suffering from pogroms in Lod, he was engaged in acts of fraud," charged Malkieli.

"What will you say to the children of Israel, that there is a Prime Minister who lied to the entire nation? That while they were sitting in shelters, he went to close deals with Tamar Zandberg? Bennett lied so that the right would not have 61 seats for Bibi. The haredim, if only they had blinked at Lapid, he would have taken them to the government of change. But those who think that it is possible to buy the haredi society, simply do not know us well. We are people with values," he added.