Hayovel is a unique organization.

The volunteer organization, that lets people “experience Israel’s Biblical Heartland through faith-based volunteering,” has for the last 17 years has been bringing Christians from all over the world to Judea and Samaria to help with agriculture.

It was founded as a way to “help with the farmers, to help plant vineyards, the prophecy of Jeremiah.”

Arutz Sheva in an exclusive interview with Hayovel’s Joshua Waller and Luke Hilton, the Har Bracha-based hosts of The Joshua and Caleb Report, asked about the organization and what it is doing to help with agriculture in Judea and Samaria, and what their show is doing to champion the truth about Israel.

Hayovel is a Christian organization that believes “Christians have a responsibility to come and help the Jewish people and help the Nation of Israel with one goal, just to build up the land, support the people that are here and help the Nation of Israel thrive.”

However, they do not evangelize, ensuring their volunteers sign an official document stating that they will not proselytize while in Israel.

During their time working in the agricultural areas with volunteers, they’ve trained thousands of people, with 400 to 500 volunteers per year.

“They’re here for one purpose,” said Waller. “To see to the restoration of the land of Israel.”

He added, “It always bothers me that people talk about Judea and Samaria without (knowledge of the area). It’s one of the problem we have in the world.”

When volunteers finish the program, “they’re representing Israel from what they saw which is the most powerful.”

Hilton added that the anti-Israel elements of the mainstream media, which seems to be most of the media these days, do not like Hayovel. He cited the New York Times which said that “Hayovel is effectively obstructing the creation of a Palestinian state.”

They are worried by the media’s anti-Israel bias, and how that prevents people from knowing what is truly going on.

Their YouTube program, The Joshua and Caleb Report which is released once a week on Wednesdays, aims to expose “the big bluff in the media” where the mainstream media reports the “exact opposite of the truth.”

They use their show to teach Christians around the world what is really going on on the ground in Israel. “What’s really happening here, what you should know about it and how you should be connected.”

They recently began going out into the field to film in Judea and Samaria.

This week they encountered staged riots by Palestinian Arabs as arranged by Abbas and the PA.

Waller was on his way back from Jerusalem when he stopped his car as he witnessed a riot on the outskirts of Nablus. He jumped out of his car to check out what was going on.

“For an hour, I just observed this riot. Literally after a few minutes I realized that the whole thing was a staged skit, completely staged. I realized Abbas had already called for the riot. They were all sitting out there, the media (watching)… Ambulances circling into the riot were picking up uninjured people,” Waller said. “We saw people falling down, nothing had happened. The media all run over to them. They pick them up and put them into ambulances. Nothing had happened. We’re talking about people lying to the media, that is completely fabricated lies.”

No one in the international media is showing what’s really happening. So that’s what they aim to do with their show. To “turn the camera around to show what’s really going on” in Israel.

Waller said that while Hamas is a physical enemy, there is a battle against international anti-Israel sentiment that also needs to be waged.

“It’s an age old war that’s gone on against the Jewish people,” he said. “And that’s what we’re here to fight. We’re here to fight against anti-Semitism.”

The two men have been fighting against anti-Israel bias since they were 18 years old.

Hilton said, “There are millions of Christians and other people all over the world that support Israel but so many of them are deluged with the mainstream media that they don’t know what’s actually going on (in Israel).”

They are looking forward to the skies of Israel soon opening up so that Hayovel’s volunteers can begin travelling to Israel for their agricultural experiences.

They already have many volunteers from all over the world signed up.

“We do have many volunteers ready to come,” said Waller. “As soon as the skies open, it’s time to come.”