Miri Regev
Miri Regev Yossi Aloni/Flash 90

Transportation Minister Miri Regev on Monday evening commented on the possibility that she would have to end her term as early as next weekend, and pledged to transfer power in an orderly manner.

Speaking to Channel 12 News, she said, "I still hope that we will succeed in forming a right-wing government and that Bennett, who is in fact the 'Madoff' of Israeli politics, because he deceived and lied to his voters, will come to his senses and come back."

"If Bennett had said from the beginning 'I am with the right, period,' we would have prevented a fifth election," added Regev.

She continued to attack the Yamina chairman and the members of his party throughout the interview. "Bennett told his voters 'I will not sit with Lapid.' Bennett should come and say, 'I lied to my voters, I am the Madoff of Israeli politics. I deceived, I lied, I stole your votes.'"

The Minister of Transportation denied that the Likud planned to form a government with the support of the Ra'am party. "Did you hear the Prime Minister say that in his voice?" she claimed. "We do not need Ra'am. We can form a strong right-wing government with Bennett and two or three or four other people who would come."

On Ayelet Shaked, Regev said, "She should act according to ideology. She should do the brave act that [Amichai] Chikli did and say 'I am not going with Bennett, I am committed to the right, committed to the votes of the right, I am not part of this great deception.'"