Karnei Re'em
Karnei Re'em Fire and Rescue Service of Judea and Samaria

Arabs set fire to the Karnei Re'em farm near the Samaria town of Nofim.

Several metal buildings are on fire and gas balloons were involved, one of which exploded.

According to IDF forces located at the scene, the fires were set intentionally during Arab rioting.

Firefighters and volunteers worked to extinguish the flames, which had quickly spread to two storage rooms which began to burn along with two gas balloons inside them. The buildings later collapsed.

Lahav Hadi Abu Zalaf, shift manager for the Fire and Rescue Services, said: "Right now there are three different locations where fires are burning. The locations of the fires are cordoned off by firefighters and volunteers."

"In the two buildings involved in the fire there are gas balloons, one of which cracked open due to the intensity of the heat. In addition, there is an issue on the road leading to the settlement."

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