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It’s hard to imagine that only three weeks ago Israel was at war on many fronts.

During this time, there was a shooting attack near the Tapuach Junction in Samaria.

In this attack, yeshiva student Yehuda Guetta was murdered and two of his friends were wounded.

As a result of this murderous attack, thirteen families from the Nachala Settlement Movement, together with families from the settlements of the Samaria Regional Council and other parts of Israel, established the new settlement of Evyatar right near the Tapuach Junction.

At lightening pace, the barren hill was transformed into a vibrant community which is growing and developing at a meteoric rate.

Currently, there are thirty-one families living there in permanent and temporary homes with a waiting list of over forty families that are eager to move there.

Building at Evyatar continues 24/6 in order to accommodate the waiting families and to prepare the infrastructure necessary for a flourishing and growing community.

Already standing is a large Beit Midrash where boys sit and learn throughout the day.

Evyatar has facilitated a territorial continuum between the communities of Tapuach and Migdalim thus making the region that much safer. It is a stronghold of Jewish presence and a statement of Jewish strength in Eretz Yisrael.

Evyatar was established with broad support from regional councils, Knesset members and Rabbis. It is located on vacant land belonging to the Samaria Regional Council.

Its development has been approached in a way which has not been done before and has therefore taken off superbly.

Evyatar is not just another Yishuv it is the flagship Yishuv. It symbolizes a new spirit showing that it really is possible to establish new settlements in Israel today.

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