stone throwing (illustration)
stone throwing (illustration) ISTOCK

About 250 graduates of the Torah-science academy in Kfar Batya sent together a letter of support to the school principal who was filmed throwing stones at Arab rioters during the violent Arabs which rocked Lod over the last two weeks.

The graduates said in their letter: "We, hundreds of students, entire generations, who were educated by him - both when he was our educator and when he was the principal of our school," they wrote." The values ​​of love for the land, helping others, helping the weak and a personal example of these leaderships are just a few of the values ​​we were educated by him and absorbed from him for years."

"More than being a teacher or a professional figure, he was a life teacher, a personal example educator, some would even say a father," they wrote. "The rabbi is an example and role model - he left his children and wife at home and traveled to Lod at the personal risk of his life and went to physically protect Jews who needed life-saving protection. This is a personal example of devotion, caring and acting for the sake of another."

"We are proud to be his students, we are happy that we merited to be so. And we wish ourselves to live in the way we were educated by the rabbi, also in Gaza, and in this way we will educate our children. Because we care," they said. "We call on the authorities, the Ministry of Education and its head - Minister Yoav Galant, to support the rabbi and of course to dismiss the complaint and act to help him."

According to them, "Residents of Raanana and the surrounding area will lose a lot if they do not get to send their children and be educated by the rabbi at the Torah Science Academy in Kfar Batya. The rabbi must continue to run the school."

B'Tzalmo director Shai Glick also issued a statement in support of the educator. "The school principal deserves a raise. The man went especially to protect the lives of Jews who have been abandoned. In doing so, he set a personal example of the values ​​of mutual responsibility for one-another. The Minister of Education also backed him immediately and the police complaint was withdrawn."