Home in Ashdod hit by rocket, May 17th 2021
Home in Ashdod hit by rocket, May 17th 2021Flash90

There is ongoing incitement by the Radical Muslims and their supporters against Israel using lies and deception. These actions are preparing their supporters to use and implement the concept of Jihad, to act against the Infidel in general, and against the Jews in particular.

Recently, there has been a confluence of several factors which gave the terror-supporting Iran and their proxy Hamas the miscalculated incentive to rally their oblivious supporters, and try to liquidate the state of Israel and gain power.

The initial excuse for the Arab confrontation in Jerusalem, was associated with two big lies:

1. "The Jews decides to evict innocent Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem" - This is a lie. The fact is that this dispute is related to a long-standing refusal of four Arab squatter Families to pay rent to their Jewish landlords. This case was deliberated in the Israeli courts for many years and now it seems that the courts, that have already ruled to recognize the ownership of the Jews of these houses in the past, clarified that the Arab tenants refusal to pay rent is against the law. There is a pending Supreme Court decision which may decide that the squatters should be removed form these houses, which do not belong to them.

2. "The Israeli police decided to attack peaceful Muslim worshipers on Temple Mount" - This too is a lie. The fact is that following violence by some Radical Muslims and by few Radical Jews, Arab Palestinian agitators and Hamas supporters piled up fire bombs, firecrackers and rocks on the Temple Mount and in the Al Aqsa Mosque, and used them to attack the Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall Plaza, about 70 feet below them. The police had to go into the involved areas on Temple Mount, in order to stop these terror attacks and riots which spilled over also into other locations in Jerusalem and into other cities in Israel.

Hamas gave an ultimatum to Israel on May the 10th to leave the Temple Mount and the Sheikh Jarrah areas, and release by 6:00 pm all the Arab rioters that were caught and arrested by the Israeli police. Israel ignored this insane ultimatum, and Hamas started a massive assault on Jerusalem and other Israeli locations, launching multiple rockets from within their own civilian population, into the Israeli civilian population, in order to initiate and support a wider Jihad against Israel. They were hoping that it would involve even more of the brainwashed Israeli Arab Citizens and many of their international supporters around the world. Unfortunately, even many Media outlets fell prey for these maliciously calculated terror waves. Seeing civilian casualties is horrible, but when the casualties are caused by malicious calculation of a terror organization which planned to create this human disaster, it makes it even worse. Some of these casualties came despite the careful defensive Israeli efforts to stop the Hamas rocket launchers and the attempt to destroy the Hamas infrastructure which supported this terror effort. In addition, many Palestinian casualties were caused by the misfired rockets which were launched by Hamas, which were aimed at Israeli civilians, but hit their own population.

Encouraged, incited and financed by Iran, Qatar, Turkey and others, the Hamas Terror organization was emboldened also by the following additional contributing factors:

1. It seemed that the formation of the Israeli Government is complicated due to a variety of personal agendas of some of the people within the recently elected members to the Knesset. The assumption was that the Israeli Government is weak and that it can be exploited.

2. The Right and the Left leaning Israeli parties tried to negotiate a joint political venture with one of the anti Israeli Arab parties, a possibility of their participation in the creation the new Israeli Government coalition. This empowered some in the Arab rioters who were hoping to be able to eventually control the Israeli Government the way that the Hezbollah is controlling the Government of Lebanon. Others wanted to prevent any collaboration between Jews and Arabs, as they were hoping to continue to exploit the hostility between the Jews and the Arabs to their nefarious agendas.

3. The new American administration, which unfortunately includes some vicious anti-Israeli and anti- Jewish politicians, appeared to be very weak, as it gave in to the Arab Palestinians demands and allowed them to open their offices in Washington and sent them hundreds of millions of dollars, without conditioning this move on stopping incitement in their schools and all other communication outlets, stopping payments to terrorists and to their families, and dismantling their terror infrastructure.

In addition, the Americans have allowed transfer of billions of dollars to the Iranians, as they are trying to return to the irrational Iran Nuclear Deal. This move is despite the fact that Iran did not live up to any previous agreements, continued their effort to build nuclear weapons and continues to support terrorism all over the world and in particular in the Middle East.

The combination of these political moves gave the impression to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, that the new American administration is less willing to support their long standing loyal ally, the state of Israel.

4. Hamas was very upset with the Palestinian Authority due to the fact that under the presidency of Abbas, they have canceled the recent elections. The self-serving corrupt Abbas and his cronies, who were elected to serve for four years, are still in office after more than 15 years. They were afraid that if they go for elections, Hamas would take over the leadership of the Palestinians and destroy the current Palestinian leadership, the way that they did in 2008 after the past elections in Gaza.

This opportunity is allowing the terror organization Hamas and its allies to try and show to their people that they are the real leaders of the Palestinians, and therefore, they should be the group in charge.

As of today, even after launching about 3500 rockets at Israeli civilians, Hamas and the Arab Israeli Rioters are miscalculating the resolve of the state of Israel to defend its citizens, to stop this wave of terrorism and to restore law and order, in the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people, to the benefit of all its citizens.

Hopefully, Hamas, the rioters and their supporters, will realize that their futile round of violence will not allow them to destroy Israel. Once they will realize that, hopefully, peaceful coexistence can be implemented, after stopping incitement and dismantling terror infrastructure, to the benefit of Jews, Arabs and all other peace-loving individuals.