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State Legislatures are conducting forensic audits of the 2020 Presidential election, and the result of systemic ballot-stuffing may be invoked to prompt the Supreme Court to supplant or to invalidate Electoral College delegations in at least three states.

This can be accomplished by filing a nunc pro tunc Writ of Certiorari, claiming that proof unavailable “then” [tunc] has subsequently emerged “now” [nunc].

Hand recounts are at various levels of maturity in Arizona, Georgia and Michigan while others are being contemplated in Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

If delegations are recalled in any combination of three battleground states, the 270-vote threshold would not be met—invalidating the January 6th tabulation—and the winner would be chosen by each state’s representatives in the House, where Republicans hold the majority (excluding the District of Columbia’s non-voting representative).

The Courts have overturned fraudulent elections when provided overwhelming documentation, and evidence that narrow state-level margins can be overcome by acknowledging erroneous tabulations has been aggregated summarizing exhaustive analyses that include the comprehensive review by Peter Navarro

The media—including Fox News and Newsmax, but not America’s Voice—have not reported the aberrations in Michigan, where modem chips have been embedded in computer motherboards and 66,194 unregistered ballots were tallied in just 9 counties; furthermore, Pennsylvania has been forced to remove 21,000 dead people from the voter rolls, 200 of whom voted in one suburban Philadelphia congressional district (Montgomery County).

Daily developments however are reported by the Gateway Pundit, Pamela Geller, and Stephen Bannon; each effort to “find the receipts” continues to be opposed by officials who don’t want to become embarrassed by the results of such probes.

It has been suggested that our expectation that the Supreme Court would act was undermined by two forces, one overt and the other covert; each has been dashed by subsequent events.

Overtly, it has been claimed that the Justices didn’t want to assess information that hadn’t been matured; covertly, it has been claimed that even the conservatives feared Democrats would pack the Court if they didn’t demur.

Now, as flawed voter data emerges and Biden moves toward appointing four more liberal judges, it must have become painfully apparent that the Court has already permitted empowered democrats to undo President Trump’s achievements.

While crying “racism, sexism, xenophobia and Islamophobia,” committed progressives follow the half-century old playbooks of Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky, as the former prompts Biden-Harris to create insurmountable debt and the latter to silence opposition; it is hoped “conservative" Supreme Court justices have "read the newspapers" and are preparing to reverse what is now facing Judeo-Christian America, Israel and the globe.

We have written forlornly that conservatives are disgusted by the establishment GOP; instead of forming a third party, Trump has assumed the yeoman task of neutralizing the power of the three "Mc" leaders: McConnell, McCarthy and McDaniel.

The left-right conflict in both America and Israel has been poisoned by creation of a personality conflict tactic that has purposely obscured pivotal issues and the fundamental transformation occurring in the United States portends what would occur in Israel were President Obama's acolytes to prevail.

The Supreme Court can order the Electoral College to reconvene after it ensures only citizen-votes have been tabulated and corruption has been expunged consistent with state law; while the Supreme Court in 2021 avoided taking action, other courts or Judges have not been shy in overturning elections.

If the Supreme Court doesn’t “stop the steal,” if it is proven, electoral theft will become the norm; radicals will continue to cancel the culture of Western Civilization, empowering those who would sever nascent Israel-Arab bonds and produce an open-border USA.

In the process, an infamous legal adage will be reversed, for attacking those who promote electoral integrity has become a cottage industry among leftists: "If you have neither the case nor the law, you argue ad hominem!"

In America and in Israel, the action-item that can beat back the corruption is awareness of historic implications and the necessity to allow truth and reason to prevail.

Lynne K. Lechter is a business/corporate attorney and litigator. Robert B. Sklaroff is a hematologist/oncologist.

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