PM Netanyahu at the Kirya military headquarters
PM Netanyahu at the Kirya military headquarters Haim Tzach, spokesperson

On Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited an Iron Dome anti-missile battery located in the center of the country.

In a statement made at the site, Netanyahu said: “I am now here at an Iron Dome anti-missile battery. The soldiers here are doing exceptional work in protecting the skies of Israel as well as our citizens. It is impossible to attain 100% protection, but they are pretty close to that percentage, and we owe them a great deal for their defense of us.

“The protective actions of these Iron Dome anti-missile batteries give us the ability to launch our retaliatory attacks, and the IDF has already conducted many hundreds of such attacks on various objectives, and in the near future, we will reach the thousandth such attack. And we will continue to strike Hamas while defending our citizens,” Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister stressed that, “It will take a little while longer, but with a large number of strikes, both defensive and attacking, we will attain our goal – that of restoring calm to the State of Israel.”

At the Iron Dome base, the Prime Minister was escorted by Brigadier-General Gilad Biran, Lieutenant-Colonel Maor Gavriel, and the commander of the anti-missile battery, Assaf Ohana.

During his tour of the base, Netanyahu discussed various issues with the operators of the Iron Dome, and listened to them describe their various tasks. Before leaving, the Prime Minister thanked them for their significant contribution to the security of Israeli citizens.