Rabbi Mordechai Gross
Rabbi Mordechai GrossVaad HaRabbanim

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Article: “My parents died from a terrible accident when I was only one and half years old. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been completely on my own. I try so hard to remember my parents’ faces, to remember the motherly love that I must have once felt...But all I can remember is being passed along from home to home my entire life. I always felt so lost and lonely in a big world. For years, I deeply longed to have a family. To simply have somewhere where I belonged.

Thank G-d, I am overjoyed to announce that I am now engaged to an incredible boy. I am thrilled to finally be starting a family, and with such a special guy...But we both have no parents to help us start our lives.” - Leah R.*

This is a true and heartbreaking story from a young woman who is struggling to gather the finances she needs to get married this month. A small group of brides & grooms who have lived their whole lives in poverty after losing their parents were brought to Rabbi Mordechai Gross, a much sought-after man in Israel who is renowned for his blessings having tremendous power. He was so moved by their plight that he wrote the following: (TRANSLATION BELOW)

“Here I am to ask from each person that they donate 360 shekel for the needs of the 36 orphans getting married and they should be blessed with health of the body and the spirit and merit to marry off their offspring with financial ease, soon, and G-d should fulfill all of their hearts desires for good and they should merit to see, G-d-willing, the coming of the Final Redemption & Moshiach.”

Rabbi Gross’s blessings are not to be taken lightly. Countless stories have been told about their unusual power. It is clear that the Rabbi understands the true importance of helping poor brides, and how important it is to help these Jewish girls who have no parents to start their lives.

This upcoming month, Leah and 35 other orphans will either get married and be able to finally have families to call their own- Or they will crumble under the burden. This timeless and rewarding form of charity is taking on a new meaning this month as Rabbi Gross promises fantastic rewards for those that participate in this important campaign. Click here to help 36 Jewish orphans build their family and homes, and you will G-d-willing see the Rabbi’s powerful blessings come true before your very eyes.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy