Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon testified Wednesday in the trial of several attendees of the so-called 'hate wedding.'

Ya'alon was invited to testify on behalf of the defense in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court, and said: "The prime minister brought a video of the wedding to the cabinet. At this point, some cabinet members still did not believe that Jews could commit murder in the Duma case. They were not prepared to say 'Jewish terrorism'. After seeing the video, they realized that there was a broader problem here."

Ya'alon was asked by the lawyer of one of the defendants, Adv. Avichai Hajbi, why the wedding video was presented to the cabinet when none of the wedding participants was suspected of murder in the Duma arson case. Ya'alon replied: "The wedding participants waved their weapons and stabbed a picture of the murder victim in the Duma."

The former defense minister explained that the video was shown to make it clear to certain people who raised doubts whether Jews carried out the arson in Duma.

Ya'alon also said that he presented the video to the heads of the Yesha Council to explain the importance of educating the 'Hilltop Youth,, and revealed that Naftali Bennett asked the cabinet about the torture of Duma suspects.

Later, Hajbi asked Ya'alon: "What was the attitude towards you in the settler community?" Ya'alon replied: "There are some like this and there are some like that. There are those who do not like my desire to exercise the rule of law. In the Dreinoff houses, for example, I was personally attacked. MKs and politicians attacked the evacuation."