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Antisemitic graffiti scrawled on a highway overpass in western Canada has been swiftly removed.

The graffiti said, “Put the Jews in Jail 4 the 9/11 PRE PLC Bombs of 9/11.”

The hateful vandalism was discovered on a Highway 99 overpass in Richmond, British Columbia on April 28.

It was first brought to light by Mira Oreck, executive director of the Houssian Foundation, who tweeted a photo of the graffiti.

“More anti-Semitic graffiti in BC. This time on Highway 99 in Richmond just past the highway 91 off-ramp. Can someone please help get this taken down ASAP?” she wrote.

Member of the British Columbia Legislature Rachna Singh, who is the parliamentary secretary for anti-racism initiatives, tweeted in response, "Angered by the anti Semitic graffiti on an overpass in Richmond. Thanks @miraoreck for flagging. As we head into Jewish Heritage month, it’s great reminder that we be always vigilant of anti Semitism and speak out against discrimination.”

The graffiti was subsequently removed by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation.

“Yes. @TRanBC was on it immediately (within about 12 hours). Super impressive,” tweeted Oreck.

British Columbia Minister of Transportation Rob Fleming tweeted in response to the incident, “No room for racism! Very grateful to those who reported this anti-Semitic hate on a Hwy 99 overpass and to our contractor who acted so quickly to remove it!”

This latest incident follows a string of recent antisemitic incidents in British Columbia, including “Kill Jews” graffiti discovered on a Chabad Center building.