Coronavirus patient (illustrative)
Coronavirus patient (illustrative)iStock

Upon the horrific escalation and death across India and the appeal by the Indian government for international aid, an Israeli-based agency will send hundreds of oxygen concentrators to New Delhi, India.

The group, SmartAID, will send the equipment in partnership with local aid groups, to hospitals across New Delhi.

Alethea Gold - SmartAID Global Goodwill Ambassador, said: “SmartAID jumped into action as soon as we heard of the unfolding crisis in India.”

“We have been working tirelessly with our local partners in New Delhi to put together this support package which is aimed at reducing the escalating number of deaths.”

Recently, India has seen an rising number of coronavirus cases, to the point where the country's medical system and crematoria are overwhelmed. The country has requested international aid in bringing the pandemic under control.