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The Vizhnitz hasidic group has made an arrangement which would limit the amount of money spent on weddings, while at the same time ensuring that they meet the coronavirus guidelines mandated by the Israeli government.

According to sources in the hasidic sect, the "Lehakhzikam ulehakhayotam" organization signed an agreement with the Clil Malchut hall in Bnei Brak to allow Vizhnitz hasidim to pay a maximum of 9,000 shekels ($2,756) per side for weddings.

"What's special about this arrangement is that the deal includes everything necessary for a wedding, down to the smallest details: the hall itself, the meal, the bars, the bride's chair, and even a tip for the service staff," the sources said.

"This is a price which is drastically lower than the usual market prices, especially in light of the fact that the hall will allow the hosts to choose dishes and decorations, in accordance with the usual standard and even more than that."

The first events to take place under the agreement will be held with the beginning of the wedding season, and they are expected to become the accepted standard in Vizhnitz within the coming years.

"This is great news, significant and trailblazing. We are happy both about the return to normal and about the merit to be a part of this process, which aims to reduce the great financial burden surrounding the wedding for parents marrying off their children," the hall said. "This is also an opportunity to thank Vizhnitz's businessmen for their work and dedication, which allowed this unprecedented agreement to be formed and signed."