Miki Zohar
Miki Zohar Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Likud faction chairman Miki Zohar clarified Sunday that he will present his proposal to the Knesset plenum tomorrow (Monday) on the composition of the Knesset Arrangement Committee and that he expects the Yamina party to accept this proposal.

"After the conversation that took place last week with all the heads of the factions in the Knesset, I decided that tomorrow, G-d willing, we will raise a proposal for the establishment of the Arrangement Committee according to a faction composition divided into five that reflects the forces in the Knesset according to the election results," Zohar noted.

"We expect Yamina to support this proposal, which preserves the power of the right and leaves the right to a veto to Yamina in every decision," the chairman of the Likud faction added.

He said, "If Yamina does not support this proposal, it means that it is a member of the left-wing bloc contrary to its promises to the voter."

It should be noted that the vote on the composition of the Arrangement Committee critical for the Likud, which fears that if the the left-wing bloc establishes the rules for the committee, it will lose any ability to block bills it finds problematic such as a bill which would bar Binyamin NHetanyahu from forming a government while under indictment.

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