Ari andf Hillel Fuld
Ari andf Hillel FuldCourtesy

Dear Ari,

Man, it’s been a crazy few years. You sure left a storm behind you. But you already knew that because you’re watching closely.

Listen, I don’t know what’s going on up there, but I’ll tell you one thing, the legacy you left down here is kinda nuts, bro.

Listen, I’ve thought a lot about what I’d say to you if I could. I’d probably say that even though you thought I was making an impact with my tech stuff, I know now, what I have and will accomplish will never ever be on the same level as what you did in your short time on this planet. I’m proud. We’re all proud.

Oh, dude, you’re a national hero. No, like seriously. You got the official medal of honor from the Israeli government. Pretty sure when grandma was in Auschwitz, she never imagined, not in her wildest dreams, that her grandson would be a national hero of the state of Israel. Wild stuff.

That 16 year old Palestinian kid who got very lucky that day and happened to stab you in a main artery? Yea, he won’t ever see the light of day. He’s in jail for life. That bullet you shot at him with your last breath? Yea, that bullet saved lives. How you found that strength when there was no blood in your veins, no one will ever know.

So, listen, there are about 200 babies on this earth named after you. I just made up that number, it’s probably a lot more than that.

There are countless Torah scrolls donated in your honor. There are hundreds of initiatives in your memory, aiming to help IDF soldiers in any possible way. You’ve created a monster with all your advocacy and passionate activism supporting our country and her soldiers. How you managed to do all this in such a short time is a real marvel.

When you were here, you were “Hillel Fuld’s brother.” Now I am “Ari Fuld’s brother.” I promise you, however proud you were to have that title, I am prouder. I guarantee you. My big bro is a national hero!

Here’s the thing though. We’re all very proud of the Ari Fuld legacy. But we also miss the goofy Ari who wrestled with my kids and couldn’t hold a tune for the life of him.

Listen man, it’s not your fault or anything, but some of us are having a really hard time without you. Mind putting in a word up there for us to be reunited soon? Thanks.

So much has happened in this crazy world since you left us. I can’t help but wonder how you would have reacted to the past year and what lessons you would have learned and taught.

Oh, Mim and your kids are awesome. Like seriously awesome. They deserve that award too. They are national heroes. Tamar is kicking butt at motherhood. Naomi is as awesome as ever. Yakir is owning it in the army holding your gun and following in your heroic footsteps. Natan is a mature young man who has a bright future ahead. Mim? Mim is a force of nature and a powerhouse.

Ima and Abba, as you know, are extraordinarily strong but we are all kinda half people without you. You are badly missed.

I am gonna stop now even though I have so much to say because I have to give you an incentive to make sure I see you again. So if you want to hear more, tell the Big Boss we’ve all suffered enough and that now would be a pretty good time for that mashiach to show up.

So for now, I’ll just say I’m sorry I didn’t recognize your greatness till it was gone. I didn’t know my brother was a giant of a human till that giant was no longer. So I apologize about that. Then again, I owe you from all the times you picked on me as a kid.

Anyone who knew you from a young age knew that with that much passion, greatness was around the corner. Everyone knew you’d accomplish a lot.

They had no idea!!

Miss you, bro. See you soon. Get on that.