The stolen Porsche
The stolen PorschePolice Spokesperson

Police have filed an indictment and a request for detention until completion of proceedings against three suspects - two of them residents of Tiberias and one a resident of Kfar Yona - on suspicion of attempted kidnapping and theft of a luxury car.

The incident took place three weeks ago when the three suspects set up a checkpoint, impersonating police officers at the exit from the industrial area in the Hefer Valley.

They ordered the victim to stop his Porsche.

After the victim stopped his vehicle on the side of the road, the suspects tried, using force, to put the victim in the back seat of his vehicle.

The man realized that this was an attempt to kidnap him and managed to escape from the suspects while shouting for help: "They're trying to kidnap me, trying to kidnap me!"

At this point, the suspects stole the luxury vehicle belonging to the victim and fled the scene to a car park in a building in Kfar Yona, where one of the suspects lives.

The police officers, who acted quickly, managed to arrest two of the suspects that evening and the third was apprehended within a few days.