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The leader of a Washington state neo-Nazi group has pleaded guilty to federal hate crime and conspiracy charges in a U.S. District court.

Cameron Shea, the 25-year old leader of neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division, plead guilty to the charges for threatening journalists and activists who expose online anti-Semitism.

Shea and three co-defendants were also charged with a conspiracy involving their efforts using an encrypted online chat group to identify targets who were working to expose anti-Semitism who they planned to threaten.

The group made threatening posters that featured Nazi symbols, masked armed figures and Molotov cocktails. They planned on delivering or mailing them to the people they targeted. Shea told the group to place the posters on their victims' homes on the same night to create a “show of force.”

Posters were delivered to victims in Tampa, Seattle and Phoenix.

Shea mailed posters to several victims, including sending a poster to a staff members of the ADL. The poster featured the Grim Reaper wearing a skeleton mask and holding a Molotov cocktail alongside the words “Our patience has its limits… You have been visited by your local Nazis.”

Shea will be sentenced on June 28 and faces up to 10 years in prison on hate crime charges and five years for conspiracy.