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The leadership of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance will be taken over by Greece this week.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that under his country’s mantle, the chairmanship of the committee will be used to assure that the Holocaust will never be forgotten as the genocide of six million Jews begins to disappear from living memory.

In a tweet, the Israeli embassy in Greece issued a statement, extending its best wishes for a “productive and eventful year.”

The statement said, “The Embassy of Israel is committed to cooperate with the Greek Chair of the IHRA and authorities in sharing the story of Greek Jewish life, the contribution of the Jewish community to the country, the horrors of the Holocaust and the important acts of heroism of individuals who came to the rescue. We should learn, remember, honour the memory and follow the moral lesson of Never Again.”

The new IHRA chairman, Ambassador Chris J. Lazaris, stated that the “thread running through this presidency will be teaching the Holocaust, including combating denial and distortion in the new fields now opened by the net.”

New generations must learn about the Holocaust “so that they understand the depth to which mankind’s cruelty can plunge,” Mitsotakis said in an IHRA video.

“To remember is to be human. To educate on events past, the responsibility of the present,” he said. “As the years pass, it is our duty to tell this story. To preserve the memory, to learn the lessons, to never, never forget.”

He remarked that Greece this year is marking the bicentennial of is war of independence, stating that “our commitment to fighting racism and anti-Semitism sits at the heart of those values and freedoms.”

The organization, founded in 1988 and based in Berlin, has a membership of 34 countries. The group's presidency rotates annually among its members.