Netanyahu and Likud officials
Netanyahu and Likud officialsOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had a difficult conversation with Likud MK Shlomo Karhi Thursday evening after it became clear that 300,000 potential Likud voters stayed home instead of voting during Tuesday's election.

Kan 11 reported that there is widespread anger within the Likud over the election results, which saw the party win 30 seats to remain the largest party in the Knesset but not win enough seats as a bloc to form a government.

Much of the anger was directed at MK Karhi, who serves as deputy chairman of the Likud election committee. Netanyahu told him: "You did not deliver the goods."

Karhi responded: "Netanyahu has given me backing all the way. There are those whose jealousy causes them to dream dreams that did not exist and were not created."