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Less than three quarters of Ontarian age 80 and older have received their COVID-19 vaccination or are signed up to do so. Health experts are worried that the rate is too low, reported the CBC.

Public health officials were hoping for a higher vaccination rate overall, but especially among those in the 80-plus category who are considered the most vulnerable to the virus’s effects. Over 200,000 residents in the age group have yet to sign up for a jab.

Last week, sign-ups for vaccine appointments among those over 80 were so sluggish that the province opened up slots for the next youngest age range ahead of schedule.

Several possibilities are thought to be the culprit. Seniors may be nervous about going to vaccination sites for their shots, due to lack of transportation or because they fear coming into contact with others who might have COVID. Language or technical barriers may be hindering their ability to sign up online. There are still ongoing concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine. Some seniors worry about vaccines, especially whether they will interfere with their current medications.