Ballot box
Ballot boxצילום: Photo by Flash90

The Yisrael Beytenu party has accused the Likud of attempting to bribe voters in the upcoming election by promising them cash payments after the election.

Yisrael Beytenu, which relies heavily on the votes of immigrants from the former Soviet Union and other former Warsaw Pact countries, filed a complaint with the Central Election Committee, claiming that the Likud has been mailing letters in Russian to voters from the former USSR, promising them cash payments as part of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s stimulus plan.

The promise to give the payments constitutes election bribery, Yisrael Beytenu argued in a petition to the Central Election Committee.

“Dear voter,” the Likud letters in Russian read, “I worked to bring the vaccines to Israel. I will work hard for our economy.”

“But voting for Liberman – that is a danger to the growth of the Israeli economy, since Liberman will be forced to join a government with Lapid. Lapid, who was the worst Finance Minister in Israel’s history.”

“They’re trying to hide the fact that Liberman, Gideon [Sa’ar], and Bennett will do a rotational deal [for the premiership] with Lapid. That means that every vote for Liberman, Gideon or Bennett is a vote for Lapid as prime minister.”

“In such a crucial moment like this, when the State of Israel is recovering from the coronavirus, Israel needs an experienced prime minister like me, who twice brought Israel out of economic crisis.”

“We will build factories to manufacture vaccines, and we’ll work to bring investments from the Arab world, like the Emirates. We will lower taxes, send everyone back to work who was on unpaid leave, and we’ll pay 750 shekels to every adult and 500 shekels to every child.”