Bennett and Netanyahu
Bennett and Netanyahu Reuters

The Likud plans to offer Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett the chance to merge his party with them following Tuesday's elections, Kan News correspondent Zeev Kam reported Sunday morning.

According to the report, this will allow Bennett and Shaked to try to succeed Netanyahu within the Likud and will give Bennett a better opportunity to run for prime minister in the future.

This morning, Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin strongly attacked the Yamina party. "It is a great absurdity to call the party 'Yamina' and say that you see an opportunity to enter a government with the other bloc. Bennett not only does not commit to sitting in a right-wing government, but he also signed a surplus agreement with Gideon Sa'ar. A person who votes for Yamina will receive the left twice over."

In an interview with Galai Tzahal, Minister Yisrael Katz added that the Likud's goal is to reduce the number of seats Yamina receives because "if Bennett gets just a few seats - he will join the government headed by Netanyahu."

Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett this morning referred to the Likud's conduct and said, "I am sad about Netanyahu. He used to do good things, but demonstrating in front of my house is small-minde. No matter how strong he is against my family, he is submissive to Bedouin gangs."

"Yair Lapid is irrelevant. Netanyahu can only be replaced from the right - there are many ways to form a right-wing national government that will replace him," Bennett said.