The new Hagaddah
The new Hagaddah's new Passover Haggadah has topped Amazon as the #1 top-selling Haggadah this year.

In an article's Menachem Posner and Mordechai Lightstone wrote: "The Passover Haggadah has seen more editions than any other Jewish book in history."

"Yet the recently released Haggadah, which is faithful to tradition, effortlessly accessible and refreshingly inspirational, has arrived as a new standard for this era.

"Born in the depths of the lockdowns that have forced many to conduct their own Passover seders for the first time, without cues from a senior family member or rabbi, has created a beautiful Haggadah which provides clear reading cues and instructive notes to help a novice seder leader perform their new role like a pro.

" has culled over two decades of its online insight and resources for the Seder, combing through its library of FAQs from millions of readers to create a haggadah ideally suited for the largest number of people.

"The final product speaks ancient wisdom in a modern voice, blending seamlessly with the kind of discussion you would expect to find at a Seder of engaged contemporary Jews."

Rabbi Meir Simcha Kogan,’s director who also served as the project's executive director, said: "Creating a Haggadah that speaks to all Jews and every Seder has truly been a team effort."'s associate director, Rabbi Motti Seligson, oversaw the project's design and said: "There is a Chabad-Lubavitch influence in just about every Seder around the world."

He added that "sometimes it's obvious — when they are public Seders hosted by Chabad in over 100 countries, or the teachings and insights from the Rebbe and six preceding generations of Chabad found in almost every Haggadah today," but noted that "sometimes it's less obvious, like handmade shmurah matzah on the table from the White House."

"With the Haggadah now available in digital form for at-home printing, there is no limit to the number of Seders — and people — it can inspire this Passover," he concluded.

The Haggadah, which has surpassed Amazon as the #1 bestselling haggadah this year, is available in PDF format for free downloading and printing.

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