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The annual Simon Wiesenthal Center’s digital terrorism and hate report struck a decidedly negative tone, citing an alarming “explosion of hate and lurid conspiracies” across social media sites in the past year.

The highest score earned by any social media site in fighting hate and terrorism was a B- earned by three of the five “Big 5” tech giants in the field, Facebook/Instagram, Google/Youtube and Twitter. The other two biggies, popular Russian social media app VK and Telegram earned a D+ and D- respectively.

Who faired the worst in terms of reigning in hate? Sites AnonUp, Gab and 8Kun (a rehashing of controversy-laden conspiracy site 8chan) all received an F.

Gaming platforms did marginally better. Twitch, Steam and Discord all received a C-.

Popular video site TikTok did slightly better, with a C+. But the other video sites listed, including BitChute and Rumble, failed: scoring between F and D.

Meme site iFunny did no better, and received a D. The ever popular music streaming service Spotify scored only a C.