Bezalel Smotrich
Bezalel Smotrich Kobi Richter/ TPS

MK Bezalel Smotrich, who heads the Religious Zionism party, on Tuesday morning told 103 FM Radio that he does not see the Arab party Ra'am (United Arab List) as an acceptable partner.

"Anyone who opposes the established ethos of the State of Israel as a Jewish state, and who supports terror, is simply not a legitimate partner for anything in the State of Israel," Smotrich said, adding that this holds true "even if it means ten elections."

"I await the day on which the Arabs of Israel will choose a different leadership for themselves - one which wants to be part of the Jewish State.

Smotrich defined his goals for the period immediately following the elections, saying that he will "demand as a condition for joining the coalition a deep reform in the Israeli justice system, which includes among other things splitting the position of Attorney General into three different positions."

"The fact that the Attorney General wears three contradictory hats is what has blown his power out of proportion and does not allow him to perform his tasks properly."

Explaining why the "unity government" led by Likud and Blue and White failed, he said: "This is a government with no shared values, the entire time they were fighting."

"To me it's important to take care of the coronavirus [pandemic] and the economy," he added. "I know that the Supreme Court caused much harm to the unity of the Jewish nation, and there is a complex government in the US which will challenge us with diplomatic pressures. For that we need to have everyone voting in the Cabinet be right-wing. I know that none of the other challenges are going to go on vacation."

"The words 'right-wing government' are meaningless without changes to the judicial system," he emphasized.

Regarding Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's trial, Smotrich said: "I support the French Law. People should know that the French Law will not help Netanyahu, because he is already in the stages of investigation and indictment."

He added that the charges were "exaggerated," and that the court had declared that the Attorney General violated a Basic Law.

"I have no doubt that Netanyahu is being persecuted. In essence, I think that this trial is a serious mistake. Netanyahu is far from being a corrupt person," Smotrich emphasized.

Concluding his interview, Smotrich said that the former MK Miki Rosenthal's claims his party was part of a deal to free Yigal Amir, who is claimed to have killed former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, are untrue.

Shocked, Smotrich responded: "The very question is insulting. I don't know what he took before he wrote that nonsense. There is no such thing.... Do people actually demand I pay attention to such nonsense? Someone who murdered a prime minister of Israel should not see the light of day - not even for one day of his life."