Shaked Arutz Sheva

Former Minister of Justice, MK Ayelet Shaked, told Arutz Sheva today (Tuesday) about her visit to Gush Etzion this morning and its goals.

"I came on a tour of Efrat, Gush Etzion, and Tzur Hadassah," Shaked noted. "This is what is called the 'stronghold of Yamina.' Also to strengthen the convinced and of course to explain to the undecided why one should vote for Yamina. I personally, in Efrat and the Gush, have done many important things such as arranging settlement and promoting construction in Kfar Etzion. There is tremendous support for Yamina there and my goal is only to strengthen it."

Netanyahu will arrive on Sunday to inaugurate Givat HaTamar. Is this your project?

"Givat HaTamar is a project I was working on and land that I extricated after a long time that it was stuck. I will be there today and Netanyahu will be there on Sunday."

You say everywhere that Lapid will not be prime minister and promise to regulate settlement and fix the justice system, with whom?

"There are 80 seats on the Right and that's a lot. There are many ways to form a government, but I turn to right-wing voters: only a right-wing vote will prevent a fifth election and allow for a strong and functioning right-wing government. Voting for other parties could lead us to less good governments."

Lapid claims he does not want to be prime minister, will you demand a rotation as prime minister?

"I'm not talking about the day after I just want to explain to the public how unreliable Netanyahu's campaign is. Netanyahu is trying to portray Lapid as an opponent. Lapid himself also said that he does not aspire to the position of prime minister, and we and Gideon Sa'ar also said that we should not sit under a prime minister who is not from the Right. That is why I ask again this time: Do not buy the Likud's campaign because it is simply not connected to reality."

You say we will not sit under a prime minister who is not from the Right ... What do you say to all those who claim that you are in Netanyahu's pocket and that everything is closed between you in advance?

"Look, it's very funny because Sa'ar says we will go with Netanyahu and Netanyahu says we will go with Sa'ar and Lapid, and everyone thinks he will succeed in working for his electorate. I suggest just listening to what we say: we have clear lines and we will strive to form a national change government with prime minister Naftali Bennett, the only person who can take the reins and lead the country. Bennett has a lot of experience in the public sector. As a politician he has a lot of experience and clear plans. We are not the ones who only sell hatred and intimidation, we think Israel can be made a place where it's better to live."

The mudslinging between the Likud, Yamina, Sa'ar, and the Religious Zionist Party does not harm the Right?

"It always has. If you notice we're the only ones who do not have a negative campaign. The other parties you mentioned most of their campaign focuses on why not Yamina instead of telling something about themselves. We prefer to tell the public why Yamina."

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